CFA Prep material along with various other features of IFA

By on August 5, 2019

The Institute of Financial Analysts is one of the most reputed and premium institutes providing the best of coaching for students in the filed of investment and financial management. The institute is old enough and have a lot of trained and experienced teachers in the field of financial management and entrepreneurship. The main motive of IFA is to cater the needs of a wide range of candidates and even professionals who are required to strengthen their knowledge in the field of financial courses. It is to help them boost their career level and expertise in the field of financial management and other complimentary subjects.

The variety of certification

The various kind of certificates of training provided by IFA are as follows:

  • CFA program: It is the Chartered Financial Analyst program that has become well known as a symbol of professional excellence in the global investment community. In all around the world, the employers and the investors recognize the CFA as a designated standard of measurement for competency and integrity. The CFA Prep material is also a very difficult course work that has to be completed by the students.
  • JIA: The JIA is a newly created program that is known as the junior investment analyst program. It was introduced to provide the candidates with utmost amount if skill and knowledge in the field of investment and financial management.
  • ICVS: It is a valuation certificate that is part of the world that values the privately owned companies and is dominant in the filed of investments. These are the companies who demand valuations from mergers, buyouts and even for acquisitions. That is the reason the demand for ICVS is rising in the privately owned equity firms.
  • FRM: The FRM is the Financial Risk Management that is administered by even issued by the Global association for Risk Professionals. It has been adopted by various companies as a benchmark to ensure that the risk management employees remain well versed in the latest risk concepts of finance.
  • IFQ: The Islamic Finance Qualification is managed by the IFQ institute that is established in the partnership between the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment. It covers Islamic Finances through both technical as well as from the point of view of the Shariah.

And many more to name just a few.

The teaching staffs

The faculty of IFA are well trained and experienced in resolving all the questions that may arise in the student’s mind. The Financial Modeling VBA, is also a part of the IFA and they make sure that no student because of financial restrains is unable to join the classes. The teachers think about educating the students first and then they think about earning the profit from the coaching institute. The profit that is to be earned is going to be marginalized and shared with all its investors and well wishers.

The final conclusion

Every teacher in the IFA coaching center believes that education should be granted to everyone. With this motive in mind, they are trained in providing the best of teaching services in the field of finance and risk management skills. These teachers also hold a lot of experience in teaching and have been conducting lectures and seminars in institutes all across the globe.

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