With High-End Innovation, Big Dawgs Is Touching the Cloud Nine

By on August 5, 2019

Big Dawgs is one of the most well-known companies who manufacture various kinds of innovative items like video cards, video books, Promotional Video Brochure, video presentation cards and many more. The company was formed in 2009 and since then only they have been producing the most innovative items that are attracting a lot of customers. Many of the items they produce are often unheard of in the market. They do custom designing of items as well. As per the wishes of the customers, they are there to create the best of innovative items that can be used as gifts.

Meeting with the technological trends

Over the years, the company Big Dawgs has learned to create a chain of electronic devices including sound and musical greeting cards., video greeting cards, LCD video screens and many more. These items can be used in a number of applications like printed cards, materials for marketing, product packaging, media kits and many more. One of the most popular item they create is the Video Brochure, which has a lot of demand in the market. It is to be noted here that Big Dawgs is one of the companies who meet with all the latest technological trends of the market. It is also a fact that using electronic devices for marketing materials is also an ever-growing trend.

The variety of products

The variety of products produced by Big Dawgs are as follows:

  • Video items: These are softcover and hardcover cards with LCD screens in them to play videos. These can be used as birthday gifts.
  • Sound items: These are cards that can be custom made in a way that plays music also. These can also be used for gift for various occasions.
  • WebUSB: In the Web USB a mini magnet is attached that can be used to directly link the WebUSB to a specified website or an URL link.
  • Near field communication: These are business cards that are linked with an embedded NFC chip.
  • LED: These are flashing LED which are single and are made for retail displays for POP and POS applications.
  • Flashing LCD: The flashing LCDs are animated signs that are used for ePaper technologies.

Marketing of the products

The marketing technique of Big Dawgs is also of a very high quality. By meeting with the latest technological trends and innovation, the demand for the products of Big Dawgs is constantly rising in the market. It is also to be noted here that the price of the products of Big Dawgs is also not very high. Of course it is a little higher over ordinary greeting cards but is still very pocket-friendly. The profit is earned in a marginalized way, that is with the high demand for the quality of the product, the supply is also rising and in that way the profit is being earned.

The high demand products

The product that has been taken to a liking is the Video Brochure of Big Dawgs. These can be custom made as well and the demand for this product is the highest among customers. Because of its versatility, the demand for the brochure is high. Not just this, in fact even the Web USB is also in a very high demand.

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