Diljeet’s Right Decision at Right Time

By on May 9, 2016

Diljeet Singh Khurana, a prolific civil engineer, was working in Ludhiana. All his family – his wife, his parents, his kids – were settled in the holy city of Amritsar. He missed his family really bad and was trying since a long time to get his transfer done to Amritsar. It was since last two years that he was doing that – the efforts to get his transfer. He was in constant touch with his senior officers for this purpose. He had even sent many official letters to his organization, requesting them to transfer him to Amritsar. But nothing was working out. But one fine day, he received a mail that his transfer request was approved by Punjab Government. He was happy as hell, after receiving that mail. He instantly called his wife, Mrs. Bhavneet Singh Khurana, informing about the same. Her reaction was as if all her wishes had come true in front of her eyes. Their children were growing and new Diljeet knew that he can give a better parenting to them, being with them, understanding all their needs and career ambitions and by guiding them towards success.


He started preparing himself for this new job location from the next day onwards. He started arranging for everything. Everything was going perfect. But the biggest hurdle arrived when he decided to shift his all the luggage from Ludhiana to Amritsar. It had been six years since when he was working in Ludhiana. Resultantly, slowly and steadily, he had accumulated almost all of house hold articles. He had everything like television, refrigerator, beds, sofa and couch, washing machine, chairs, tables, kitchen utensils, microwave, etc, and didn’t want to sell them off because his memories of children’s childhood were attached to them.

Next morning, one of his office colleagues, Mr. Satbir Bassi, suggested him about a service of packers and movers Ludhiana called APM India Relocations Pvt Ltd. Satbir even availed Diljeet with APM’s contact number as well. After reaching home, Diljeet gave a thought about it and ended up making a call to them, and they responded with a warm regards. Everything was discussed and Diljeet decided to use this service to help himself. And then Diljeet got busy in packing everything.

Two days later, APM people arrived at his home with a truck and loaded everything in that, carefully. It was a big, well maintained truck, and had enough space to make sure that all the goods could be loaded properly and arranged properly so that they don’t break on the way. But one more hurdle arrived when Diljeet realized that he would have to load his dear bike, Bullet, as well, as he was having a serious back pain problem due to his overweight body structure. But APM stood up well with the challenge and efficiently loaded the bike as well.

After loading everything on the truck, Diljeet too boarded the truck and left for Amritsar. After many hours of drive, they reached Amritsar. The goods were unloaded. Everything was as fine as they were before loading. Diljeet was finally home.

Today, after two years, Diljeet’s daughter has scored 92% marks in her board exam, and he is going to gift her a nice scooty. Diljeet’s right decision at the right time has finally paid off, and he is absolutely proud and elated for that.

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