Ride of the App Vehicles on a Road of Android

By on May 5, 2016

Have you ever thought why people go crazy for smartphones? The reason is a large number of exciting applications installed in the play store of those smartphones. People use them for chatting, dating, photography, games and different types of entertainment.

Going through the news and business research, I have found that almost more than two lakhs of total applications were launched in the Android market unofficially which was just half before sixty days. So, from this survey only we get to know about the increasing demand for the applications on the Android podium.

As from another report it has been found that Google made an official tweet saying that there is a total of about one lakh Android applications running present on an Android platform which was launched officially. From these surveys, we have an idea that the high market of Android is in running race and will still be on greater and higher heights in the future.

Going through the research of those premium iPhones, I have found surveys that tell us that Apple has more than about three lakhs of applications on the apple store which are usable for the iPhone and iPad users. If we observe carefully, we will find that the Apple Play store had come to the market long before the launch of the Android’s Google play store. But although Android is newer in the market than that of Apple, but still Android has developed a lot in comparison to apple. When compared, Android seems to flourish itself in the market a lot than that of the Apple within a lesser period of time.

As Android had published two lakhs of Android applications, so when the same survey was done on Microsoft’s marketplace, then the result has been found quite surprising. The Microsoft being such an old company has just passed five thousand apps under a period of two months.

Android’s total applications are found to be 2 lakh which is just a little left to compete with the Apple store’s total applications. But it will be taken as a competition only if this app number is considered to be official. This will happen only ones Google declares its authentication.

If the report stating the number of the Android applications proves to be true, and if the Android’s app growing speed continues to be the same, then very soon it will go beyond the Apple’s store too.

Starting from the applications growth to the newer software updates, all the factors are trying in raising the Android platform. After Microsoft, Android is seen to be activating a total of three lakhs Android mobile phones every day. That is it produces a total of about 9 million Android phones each month.

The Android is used by most of the mobile big companies like Samsung, Motorola, HTC etc. Since a large number of mobiles are using Android, so the demand for Android phones due to a large number of options is increasing day and night more and even more. But when it comes to Apple, although they are considered to be the premium phones, IOS is applicable only on the iPhones, iPads, and iPods. And since the budget of Apple devices demand much more than the Android devices the user demands of Android are definitely increasing to the core.

App Vehicles

Android has got almost 2.5 billion downloaded applications today. In the exponential curve of the application vehicles on the road of Android,we can see that in 2014 the number of available apps was about 15,00,000 which has turned out to be 20,00,000 by 2016. Hence, the increasing number of the applications is the proof of the success of the ultimate journey of the Android applications.

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