The Future of Mobile Advertising

By on July 14, 2014

A lot of industry insiders and other experts loudly proclaim that the future of mobile advertising is already here, and that the world is now refining its approach. As the advertising industry constantly morphs and adapts to the new landscape, it stands to reason that advertisements themselves will change, although they will probably look a lot like they do now. So since we’re living in the future of mobile advertising now, the question is how you can best take advantage of it. Two main avenues are open to you: the do-it-yourself path and going into marketing services in Charlotte. Since using a marketing service will take care of everything for you, we’ll focus on the three main steps to take in doing things yourself.

Set up a social media presence

It can be extremely tiring and time-consuming to set up a presence for even a few of the biggest social media outlets on the market—Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and others each take their own processes, and none of them take personalization lightly. But to do things right, you need to take your time and make things look good so your pages can represent you well. Whether you’re producing a podcast, software or provide landscaping services, you’re going to want your best foot forward when you put your image out into the world.

Set up a storefront

The kind of storefront you use will depend entirely on what kind of business you are. If you’re producing a podcast, a blog on one of the big servers like WordPress or Blogspot will be the thing you want to use. If you’re a commercial establishment, you’re going to want something that allows you to actually make transactions and let users interface with a shopping cart. Make sure you have all the hidden steps taken care of so things will run smoothly, then be sure that all your other presences point to this. That will be the primary thing you will want; your storefront will be the ultimate destination for everyone as they click through any and all of your other presences.

Produce advertising

Ninety-nine percent of mobile advertising takes place on various social media outlets. Therefore, most of them make it easy and fairly inexpensive to create an advertisement.
This is also the stage where you’re going to want to be careful how you approach things. You’re not looking to just get your ad in front of people—you want to get them to click through to your page or your storefront. So when you look at things like pricing for an advertisement, don’t ask yourself how many eyes you’re investing in. Ask yourself how many clicks you can buy. More expensive marketing plans will be featured more prominently and frequently, while others might just be hanging out on the sidebar. You don’t want your page to sit and languish in obscurity—be sure to get people interested so they’ll click on your ad.
As mentioned before, marketing services in Charlotte will be able to take care of these steps for you. But if you’re more the DIY kind of person, these three steps will go a long way to helping you connect with the people you really need—your customer base.

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