Why You Should Have a QR Code Reader App

By on July 14, 2014

As a business owner you need to have a QR code reader app, why? Because everyone else does that’s why. This is not always a good reason to have something or to do something, the “everyone else has one” reason; but in this case it is a good reason because you need to keep up with the changes and new trends in the business world. One of these new trends is called QR codes.

What are QR Codes?

You have probably already seen a QR code; they are the black and white squares on products that look like a jumble of code/puzzle pieces. QR stands for Quick Response; this is because they can be read quickly by a cell phone. QR codes are used to take a piece of information from some form of media and place it on your cell phone thereby leading to other/additional information, prizes, media, and giveaways. QR codes are much more efficient to use for customers because bar codes require hand-held scanners and do not hold as much information.

Why Should Your Business Use QR Codes?

Your business should use QR codes because it is a great way to provide more information on your products to your customers, it is an even better way to communicate with the newer generation of customers, and it makes your business look/feel more current/modern/up-to-date. Your business can use QR codes to do any or all of the following:

  • Provide further contact details
  • Offer more information/details on products or services
  • Provide future event details
  • Offer competition details (this is especially useful/relevant if you are holding a QR code scavenger hunt)
  • Give information on deals, promotions, free stuff, or coupons
  • A link to other relevant media like social media, photos, or videos

Why should you have a QR Code Reader App

As a business owner you need to have a QR code reader app in order to test your QR code campaigns. If your business is going to use QR codes then you should have the tools necessary to scan and read the codes just like your customers. Testing to make sure that your QR code is going to work is also a good practice in general because it allows you to take care of any potentially frustrating problems before your customers even see it.

How will QR Codes Connect You with Your Customers?

QR codes can connect you with your customers, especially your younger customers because it is a new and up-and-coming tool that many customers will actually expect you to have in some form or another. Those who do use your QR codes will be much more tech-savvy and they will be more receptive to your online presence and opportunities.


Once you obtain your own QR code reader app and you decide to hold your own QR campaign for your customers, you are going to need a way to print those QR codes. Printing services like those in Orlando are a great place to start because they are professional and efficient. Look for a printing service with clients who are able to see the vision of what you want, explain it, and then implement that vision.

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