Using Car Decals to Advertise

By on August 10, 2014

Finding unique ways to spread word about your business sometimes requires creativity or a large budget. We suggest looking into car decals and wraps to generate awareness or promote a special. You can find ways to do this within your own fleet of cars or pay for additional cars to drive around with this message.

Designing for Car Advertisements

There are several important factors to remember when you are designing for vehicle wraps and decals. The first and most important aspect is that your information must be easily read. Do not clutter with a lot of text, only put the most important details or contact information on the wrap. And make sure to use quality graphics.
Many vehicles will already have a template created. You can find and download these for exact sizes. Make sure to contact your printing manufacturer to ensure that you are working with the correct file. Then work with the correct size and format to develop your art. For large cars or buses, you may consider scaling your art to keep your file size down.
Next, create layers within your art. For this we suggest designing with Adobe Illustrator. You will include bumpers, windows, or other areas of the vehicle that are not being wrapped. Develop different layers for each side or angle of the car, this will help when printing the wraps. Make sure to include a clipping layer, or coordinate for the printing company to take care of this for you.
Next, make sure narrow down to one area of focus on your wrap. Decide what is the most important feature or focal point. This should be the thing that draws in views and allows the reader to know what your specific business does or what the call to action will be. You should consider the perspective that the wrap will be viewed from most commonly to know your placement. You can work creatively with different styles of cars, vans, and buses; allowing them to be custom where the doors open, slide, or reveal.
Lastly, make sure that you are working in high quality images. All of your art should be vector or high printing quality. If you are concerned about the printing quality you can arrange to do press checks or find out the preferred DPI for your files. You can ensure that the wrap or design will convert by simply designing well.

Benefits of Car Decals

Car decals are meant to drive leads or orders. This is a cost effective outdoor advertisement and can be easily tracked. By following the important guides, you will experience many benefits from this marketing.
First, we suggest using a unique call tracking number. This will allow you to see very specifically how many calls are coming from these ads. To better calculate the return on advertising spends, you must set up proper tracking. Consult with a marketing team if you have questions about how to do this or how to set this up. They can guide you through this or take care of your tracking.
Secondly, we encourage you to make sure you are working with quality materials. Make sure that your wraps, decals, and stickers are all done by printing in Falls Church that you can trust. Quality in advertising makes a difference in perception of the company this will help you increase your return and leads.

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