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By on August 10, 2014

Exciting things are happening for you or your business, you are ready to build a mobile app. These are growing in popularity as more people rely solely on their mobile devices. Building applications can be challenging and requires a programmer to get you across the finish line.
You will need to remember that it takes a lot of time and testing to perfect an app. Never launch an app without fully testing and developing the app. Now that you have developed an application that you alone can solve with your app, or a game that will become as addictive as Angry Birds you are ready to begin the process of building your app.

Steps to Building Your App

First, sketch out your idea and do your research. This two-part step requires you to develop the idea, but to be mindful of what is already out there. The best way to ensure that you are not going to encroach on something trademarked or copyrighted is to have a legal team assist you with names or brands.
You will start the journey with a sketch, then you will be able to develop a testable wireframe. This allows you to see how things will work and function. You re essentially be laying out the flow and features of your app, before anyone will ever test it. This step is very important because it will help you see full functionality and where you need to revise some of the steps. Think of the end user during each step of the process.
Second, take out the non-essentials. Review the wireframe and take out anything that isn’t necessary; features that aren’t working or parts of the app that make no sense. Remember to let your project evolve as you work it might not end up just like you originally planned but it works out if you continue to think about the end user.
Next, the actual design. There are a lot of different ways to go about this. If you have the skill set to develop the design, then do so. If you need assistance, there are options for all types of mobile marketing in Houston. You can find someone to co-brand or develop this product with. Doing this will minimize cost and ensure that the design is professional and thought out.
Essentially you need to make sure that the design coordinates with the purpose and doesn’t distract for the abilities of the app. Remember that an app is more than just the functions but also the way it looks and its ability to be used by the average person.
Fourth, is the actual coding and development. This is the longest process because it takes time to build custom code, especially to be responsive in design. It will need to work on a variety of sizes and devices. Work with each individuals preferred mobile device. Then make sure you put the time and effort into testing.
This means testing on all different types of devices. You cannot trust one device to be the end all answer for development. You will want to collect a sampling from different people using small phones to the people with large tablets. Find out how the app preforms, if the buttons work within the size constraints, and if everything functions correctly.
Lastly launch. This doesn’t meant that you have to be finished in your app development, but that you are ready to let consumers start their downloads. Make sure to be available to answer questions, provide support, and develop requested features. Being there for your end user and consumer is what makes a successful mobile application.

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