7 Video Marketing Strategies That Can Help You Double Your Success This 2017

By on January 19, 2017

It is believed and said that a picture speaks thousand words. So how many words do you think should a video have? The answer to your question is millions. Research studies shows that one minute video is worth of 1.8 million words. Just one minute. And as YouTube continues to remain the second most commonly used search engine even today, more and more business organizations are noticing how important a video marketing is.
Marketing is all about reaching out people and speaking out to them in the way they understand, and then pushing them towards some action. While your businesses will continue to have the webpages and brochures that explain who your company is, and what are their products and services, trust me people would enjoy knowing more about it through the business video. Given here are the top 7 strategies that will help you double your success this 2017.
Start with a story that generally people care about: The reason why videos are considered to be engaging enough even today is not because they regurgitate the same content found in the blogs. Instead tell people what people want to hear about. The most effective videos always help customers to connect with the right target audience through some form of inspiring stories. A simple video that shows your product is going to get you nothing but minor results. Combine the product into a story and your results will then continue to rocket your viewership. Every viral videos in the world today has turned out to be fun and engaging story.
Video Marketing Strategies
Make it the 10 seconds best video ever: It is believed that one fifth of your viewers will move away from your video within 10 seconds or less. Short to the point this is what comes from video recommendations. Our advice here is get right to the grit of the tale and then continue to manage their expectations from the outset. Try and spark your audience curiosity asking the right questions using teasers to hook their attention right away. Your business video needs to convey the right value and answer them why they need to come forward and watch their business video. Should they watch it because it would make them laugh, or it would inspire them to come forward and act, or because it will be teaching them something really new.
Defining your budget and goals: You did not see that coming. Did you? Keeping things aside you can never move forward without having a solid budget plan, setting out the goals and objectives what you are trying to achieve. The rule continues to apply everything that you do, it does not have to just be video marketing.  Define how much amount of money is spent and with this budget in mind find an editor or team of editors to come forward and create business videos.
Video Marketing Strategies
Backlinks to your videos: Backlinks are considered to be the most important for the videos as they are for the webpages. Creating backlinks for your business videos can be turn out to be the most effective strategy for your videos like it is for your website. Therefore whenever you are writing blogs or articles do make sure that you have relevant links mentioned in the videos. However you need to focus on both quantity and quality. Make sure that your links appear in a credible and well ranked sites. Remember to share your business videos on the social networking sites as well.
Make sure you have your videos being shared on multiple locations: Are you not getting the results you really wished to. Where are you having your videos being distributed? Most of your targeted audiences can be on a completely different platform when compared to you. It will really make no sense if you just have your business videos posted on your website if most of your targets are hanging out on Facebook or twitter.
Setting up remarketing lists who watched it, liked, commented and shared: The list will be your super fans. Remarketing is all about things when you are able to push your ads to people who have taken certain action on your videos. Creators and brands will help in building out communities when they are able to get in front of the right individuals. Try and leverage a paid strategy to people who already love and know about you so that you don’t land up relying on the YouTube algorithm.
Adding a call to action button: One of the biggest mistake that the businesses make with their video content is that they allow you to completely fade to black. Allowing this to happen is one of the worst thing you can do because you have one great business video without any direction as to where you wish your customers to go next. The last few seconds of your business video should be adding the required details like contact information and firm call to action. Do make sure that the button takes them to where you wish your customers to go. Your video after all is a part of the sales funnel.
To conclude:
When used in a right manner, video marketing can turn out to be really effective for you and your business. But it will never turn out to be successful without having some careful consideration from you and your organization before you go ahead and launch the next upcoming campaign. So what other strategies would you like to add to the blog post above. Do leave your comments below.
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