Top Web Development Trends 2020 For Startups

By on November 20, 2020

Starting your own online business is a very tempting idea, especially in light of recent events and the accelerated virtualization of many offline procedures. At the same time, you need to stay up to date with all the latest changes and manage to implement and take advantage of them before they become obsolete. This can happen pretty quickly.

We don’t want you to be overboard. Therefore, we advise you to familiarize yourself with the main web development trends, the successful application of which can make your startup flourish.

List of Trends Worthy of Your Attention

We will list all the main points that intend to increase their influence on the web, and talk in more detail about one of the most important of them. So grab the list of web trendsetters:

  1. Page load time. People don’t have time to wait for all of your great content to load. No more than five seconds  this is a red line, after crossing which you will fail.
  2. Bots and AI. Chatbots are a feature that continues to gain momentum and dictate the rules of success for all new sites: often people consider a site to be insufficiently advanced and modern if it does not have a chatbot.
  3. Internet of things. IoT makes it possible to take web design to a new level by linking its interface with various devices and sensors that have access to the Internet. It also enhances voice command options that become more accurate and relevant.
  4. Modern programming languages. This is the foundation: without them, everything else is impossible. Along with the classic options, there are modern languages that are becoming more and more in demand, such as Go.

The Phenomenon of the Go Language

Developed by Google, Go quickly burst into the seemingly established company of back-end titans. Now it is called the most promising and desired by developers to learn. It has a very concise and neat syntax that is easy to understand, maintain, and modify. Its open-source code is great for today’s microservice architecture. Companies are happy to switch to Go in areas such as web development, databases, network programming, finance and media.

Goland quickly found its place and audience because it was created with the existing problems of other languages in mind and the harmonious use of the advantage of modern hardware architecture. It has become a real boon for back-end programming: a better approach to bugs and easier fixes in data science helped Go surpass Python and R. Data scientists are usually not programmers. Go helps in both prototyping and production, making it the most reliable tool for bringing data science solutions into realization.

Wrapping Up

So, regardless of whether you are developing an app or creating a site, you cannot stay away from the main trends. And even if you are aware of them, it is important to ensure that they are correctly incorporated into the internal processes of your startup. It is best to entrust this to professionals. In this way, you will be sure that everything has been done correctly, and a reliable foundation for further business development has been laid.

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