Do You Know a Way to Make Your Employee Feel Recognized?

By on July 5, 2019

When someone is dedicating their life and effort for the betterment of your organization, then should you not make them feel that you care for them too?

If yes, then the question will be how do you make them feel special?

Cloisonne pins are the best way to show loyalty. With this pin, you can give recognition to your employees.

Cloisonne lapel pins are the best jewelry-quality lapel pins. These pins embody the traditional fine art glass enameling which started centuries ago. It is made from the hand-pouring powdered glass into the recesses of a die-struck brass pin.

Cloisonne lapel pins are made with a copper bronze surface and filled with a glass-like mixture. The pins are fired in a kiln. As to ensure the colors do not bleed. Then more color is added and pins fired for the second time. That is the reason that cloisonne pin’s color doesn’t bleed. Cloisonne pins are popular because of its durable finish.

Cloisonne pins are also known as porcelain pins. In ancient China it was used as fine jewelry. These are simple lapel pins which have been gaining popularity for a long time.

This pin can be found plated in gold nickel and other polished plating’s. To make the pin look smooth and lustrous there is a glass enamel that is sanded and polished to be flush with the metal lines that separate the colors.

What makes cloisonne pins valuable?

  • This pin can be made quite inexpensively. But at the same time, you can make it beautiful, and give it an expensive look. The quality gives a huge advantage to those companies whose budget is a bit low but still want to make their employee feel special. This is the reason why cloisonne pins are making excellence in promotional giveaways and acknowledgment for contribution.
  • Cloisonne pins can be traded at a large event. It can also be a collection of memories of any big event of someone’s life.
  • It has an excellent choice when it comes to choosing its design. All are clearly separated colors. And they have a smooth finish which makes it so popular. If you are making pins for your company then the logo and text will easily stand out in your cloisonne pin’s design. As it has a sharp contrast between colors.

The bottom line, There are companies who are specialized in making a variety of designer Cloisonne pins. If you have any design in your head you can simply draw it and give it to them and they can make the pins accordingly. If not then don’t worry they have professional designer teams who can fulfill your requirements and help you out to find the best suitable design as per your need.

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