Pro-tips for mastering Big data analytics

By on September 15, 2019

Data has been growing exponentially and it is projected that by 2021 there will be 7.2 million data centres in the world storing 1,327 EB of data!

IDC reports that almost 80% of the stored data would be unstructured and organizations would require state-of-the-art technologies to analyse such huge quantities of data. This is the era of Big Data and given the potential which data holds in a digital economy, Big Data analytics has become vital for any business organization.

Consequently, Big Data has also emerged as one of the best fields for a career and many are pursuing Big Data analytics in the hopes of building a successful career. And here are some pro-tips for you for excelling in the field of Big Data-

  • Master popular big data tools

Big data analysts are required to be proficient in Big data tools and techniques to successfully analyse huge data sets and help organizations with hidden patterns, customer preferences and market trends.

Among the many dedicated big data tools some are more important than the others because of high popularity, advantages and company preferences. In this regard mention may be made oftools like Hadoop, Spark, Cassandra and SQL. These tools are very popular in the market and utilized by most of the companies to deal with Big Data.

  • Develop business acumen

Companies are investing large on Big data to drive growth and excel. Thus, handling big data projects for companies require a good understanding of the business necessities and leveraging data on the basis of company requirements. This is why recruiters from large analytics firms love professionals with a good business acumen.

You must go for a big data analytics course where you will be trained in big data projects which are designed to understand business needs and develop your business acumen perfectly.


Consider taking up Big data analytics in Malaysia

If you are currently seeking a career in big data analytics and hope to land on lucrative employment opportunities quickly then Malaysia can be great choice in term of location.

As of 2018, Malaysian digital economy is valued at 78.60Billion USD and has emerged as a hub for data science, analytics and big data in South Asia. With a great demand for data professionals and a lack of talents, there are many reputed institutes offering quality training in Big data analytics Malaysia. Thus, seeking a data science course in Malaysia can be very beneficial in 2019!

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