Profitable Hobbies You Can Do at Home

By on January 22, 2021
Profitable Hobbies

As adults, a lot of us might feel like we can no longer do what we love due to all of our responsibilities. Just having a full-time job can occupy a person enough that they can no longer find time to do anything recreationally. But what if you could make money off your hobbies?

Over the past year, a lot of people have been laid off and have been forced to look for jobs they could do from home. Self-isolating on its own can be very depressing, but making ends meet with no way of destressing every once in a while is the worst setting of all. To counter this problem, a lot of people have discovered ways to make money doing things they love.

There are several profitable services you can provide to people online if you are skilled enough. Hobbies that can make money include freelance work involving digital software, painting, writing and even reading. While some hobbies are more profitable than others, there is a good chance you will find something of interest for yourself in this list.

Content Writing

If you know how to write, your career options are endless. Almost every domain of work requires some kind of writing. The misconception that writing is a bad career choice is no longer true, especially since people have started to see its value in these trying times. It doesn’t limit you, and there is something for everyone. For example, if you are into journalism, you can very easily become a writer for a newspaper or any online media platform. Other categories include SEO based content writers, magazine article writers and even independent authors.

Digital Art

Digital media of any kind is in high demand all over the world. You cannot only use digital art as a personal addition to your home, but you can also start selling it for a profit.  Artists are often extremely passionate about their work. They spend hours every day on it to improve, and seldom do they get tired of it. This is why pursuing digital art as a way to make money is a great decision. You can not only do freelance work, but also start your own digital shop where you sell high quality prints of your work.

Professional Gaming

Probably one of the best career choices for die-hard gamers, if they manage to make it in the industry. Yes, that is exactly what professional gaming is; professional gamers can earn between $12,000-60,000 a year, just by playing games at home. Of course, the level of their skill and the games they play are huge factors for where they lie on that scale.

Your options when opting for something in professional gaming aren’t very many, but the following should be more than enough for anyone willing to get into gaming as a career. You can be a play tester, a gaming coach, a streamer or a designer.

Traditional Painting

There is good chance you already understand the appeal in this one; painting as a hobby is not only therapeutic, it also allows artists to earn from home. A lot of people consider canvas paintings one of the most creative and personal gifts you can give. People might want you to paint them, or one of their loved ones. Not only can accepting painting commissions help you grow as an artist, but with enough consistency, it can bring in a sufficient amount of money.

The only downside to this may be the pain of parting with something you have worked so hard on, but it should be worth it in the long run.


Cooking (and eating) has become a coping mechanism for a lot of us, and an effective one at that. Catering is one of the businesses that have flourished most over the past year, due to public spaces being off-limits and restrictions on restaurants. This is a great way to keep yourself busy in a healthy, productive manner, while earning a decent amount of money from home!


Filmmaking encompasses a very interesting range of works. It includes photography, videography, screenwriting, editing, animation, etc. This means that you have a wide selection of hobbies to choose from in this one domain alone. Earning through filmmaking is probably the most fun, given it’s something you love to do. You can make YouTube videos, do product photography for different brands, or just record editing tutorials for people to follow online. All you need is patience, some basic equipment and a genuine interest in what you are doing. Philips Hue spotlight can be a great addition to your film equipment to give a more cinematic look to your videos.


Considering how the world has been functioning lately, education is one of the main things that has taken a huge blow that may be quite difficult to recover from. Students must learn through only theoretical means, while missing out on the actual school experience, which is a huge part of their overall growth. Teaching is a hobby that can allow you to play a huge role in the development of another person. It is one of the most important professions out there, and you can easily do it from home.

Podcasting or Streaming

Earning through streaming is a bit more recent, but if you build a strong enough viewership, it should be more than enough to keep you afloat. The bigger your audience, the more you can earn through resources like sponsorships, ads and donations.

Streamers usually provide live entertainment on platforms where their users can directly pay them depending on how entertaining their content is. This includes ASMR videos, gaming, dancing or just anything random that people may want to watch. Podcasts do the same thing, except the content is more conversational.

There are endless opportunities

Thanks to the availability of high-speed internet, today we have endless opportunities to start earning from home with minimal investment. All you need is the right skill and passion and you can be successful in no time.

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