How our Shoe work’s as a mobile phone

By on December 7, 2016

Doctor Paul Gardner-Stephen is a senior lecturer at the school of computer science, engineering and mathematics as well as know scientist. Paul Gardner-Stephen is a digital version of a blacksmith, he is an expert in the field of crafting creative and skilled solutions to a number of problems. His wide range of research includes computing, networking, mobile devices, mobile communication infrastructures, disaster and attack-resilient technology, creating understandable computers and the application so as to make the world as a better and developed place.
Doctor Paul is a highly qualified scientist, he has done Ph.D. in the field of computer engineering and Bioinformatics from Flinders University and Bachelor of Science in computers from again Flinders University.
He has been rewarded and awarded with honors and grants number of times with a number of awards like:

  • Shuttle worth Foundation Fellowship for the year 2011 to2012.
  • Global Security Challenge Grand Finalist and Honorable Mention in the year 2013.
  • Technology Challenge for Atrocity Prevention: Winner, communications category that too in the year 2013.

He has been awarded the number of prestigious awards for his different researchers in the field of science and technology.
Dr. Paul has performed a number of key responsibilities like he has done a vast research into the field of Computer science and other related fields and has focused on a number of different projects like Humanitarian endeavor to make mobile telecommunications available to all people, that too without the need of cell towers.
He has also contributed his great efforts to deliver different networking and communication topics into the school and colleges of computer science, Mathematics, and Engineering.
A new shoe is his recent invention that actually works as a mobile phone. Expert Paul Gardner-Stephen has designed the shoe in such a way that it has a handset mobile fitted on the heel of the shoe along with Bluetooth headset on the other. Paul Gardner-Stephen invented this kind of shoe with the help of one his shoemaker friend. What does it do is it allows the users to simply make and receive calls by just sliding each heel.
Paul Gardner-Stephen says although it is completely impractical but it’s actually not that bad too! It’s very easy to use this kind of phone, as the phone rings you can simply slip off the shoe then you can open the heel, press the button and you can talk easily around where ever you want.
Paul Gardner-Stephen actually created this kind of shoes as a proof of local theater production of the sixties television spoof get smart. In the movie of sixties bumbling agent Maxwell Smart used a shoe phone. This idea of a movie generated so much of interest into the mind of scientist Paul Gardner-Stephen that he actually thought to market it online.
He is also thinking to develop a spin-off medical version of the shoe, with consists of complete equipment for measuring pulse rate, blood pressure and other medical information that all could be stored into the shoe.
It can also be used as an alarm to alert carers if anyone falls ill in the house. Scientist Paul Gardner-Stephen also added that he himself has road tested these shoe gadget himself for three days at Adelaide’s Flinders university. He also added that he walked several hundred meters outside wearing these shoe gadgets and really no one paid much attention towards them.
He has also done many other inventions in the field of science and technology such as:
He has made an impossible thing possible with his group of researchers he has managed to get mobile phones work into the remote areas of Australia that to without the help of phone towers and satellites. He made it all possible with the help of his software development which made this possible.
He invented this facility for the help of poor people living in remote areas where coverage doesn’t exist and also for the situations when the common man is trapped in a disaster and has no network to contact his near and dear ones.
He also added that he crafts things for the help of poor and needy people without the use of any steel and iron but just by computer softwares. He also added that his wife and daughter love to explore this beautiful world. Dr. Paul said that he want to make difference to the world to make it a better place especially for the poor and most needy in the world.
Dr. Paul has created his new team for several projects that includes students, volunteers, and some paid people. His team is highly creative and hardworking and are all together working under a friendly working environment where each and every person is treated equally with respect.
His senior development team is responsible for the core invention of software direction and development and providing leadership roles for various projects.
Dr.Paul is giving a number of people the chance to try to build mobile phones for themselves and to learn how science can develop and improve the lives of poor ones.
Dr. Paul has done and is doing a wonderful job in the field of science and technology and is continuously working for the wellbeing of the poor and needy people. We pray for him to create more impossibilities into possibility with his ability and talent in the field of science and technology.
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