The FAQ on iPhone 6 & 6S! Kit and Caboodle!

By on September 2, 2019

Are you the proud owner of an iPhone 6? Or, are you considering to invest in an iPhone 6S? Well, either way, if you have decided to move to the Apple family, chances are you might be facing a few conflicting emotions!

First of all, being an iPhone owner is exciting, fancy and elite! However, if you have budget constraints chances are you might feel a bit daunted! After all, the iPhone costs a lot of money and hence, comes the maintainability concerns. Nevertheless, experts suggest avoiding any sort of discrepancies. So, along with your phone, it is best to purchase wholesale iPhone parts USA.

These spare parts, for example, batteries can prevent your phone from losing out its value in case a technical glitch occurs.

Now, keeping this aside, time to get to the point. To buy an iPhone 6 it is best you have a clear idea on what you’re getting into. So, thankfully with this FAQ, you can find out about the iPhone 6 in detail.

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What is the difference between the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S?

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S is quite different from each other. As per Apple’s “tick-tock” update cycle, each year a number is incremented and the letter ‘S’ is added to bolster features & internals on an existing phone.

So, the iPhone 4 & 5 were changed to 4S and 5S, while the iPhone 6 was upgraded to the iPhone 6S Plus with enhanced functionalities.

How Fast is the Processor for iPhone 6?

After the introduction of iPhone 4, every near Apple ensures to equip its phones with ‘next-generation Apple A-series processor’. This helps to improve speed and efficiency; hence, undoubtedly even with 1GB ram, the speed offered is quite good.

The iPhone 6S with 2GB ram offers a sightly better speed than its older counterpart, but still, the processors used help maintain the phone’s efficiency.

How is the Battery Life for iPhone 6?

The iPhone 6S has a battery of 2,915 mAh, while the iPhone 6 has a battery of 1,810 mAh. Now, the former can last up to 8 hours while the latter can serve up to 7 hours of charge. However, often external factors like bad climate, stress on the phone, memory overload, improper charging etc, can lead to depletion of battery life.

That does not mean your iPhone is losing its value. To elongate the life of the device you can simply get spare parts like iPhone 6 battery from a reputed seller.

Which Phone Wins iPhone 6 or the iPhone 6S?

The question entirely depends upon your budget and requirement. The iPhone 6S is lighter and gives a good battery life. But, the iPhone 6 is pocket-friendly both literally and figuratively.

So, these sum up the common iPhone 6 and 6S questions that you need to know before purchasing a phone. Just ensure to buy from a reputed Apple Store and stack up on few wholesale Apple parts to tackle any device discrepancy. Good luck!

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