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By on March 10, 2019

What is Videomate app?

It is a video splitting app for WhatsApp statuses and Instagram stories that allows you to split a single long video into multiple parts of 30 second durations and post them as video statuses to make them appear as seamless regular videos.

Why was there a need for such an app?

Posting long videos on WhatsApp and Instagram as statuses and stories had been an issue since a very long time due to the 30 second time limit on the videos in WhatsApp and 60 second time limit in Instagram. This app aims to solve that problem.

Why not any other app?

Many other similar apps also exist in the various app stores but none of those apps do their job as well as this one since it aims to provide a very seamless experience to its users by making the videos to appear to be running very smoothly instead of showing any jitters.

What other features does this app have?

Apart from splitting videos this app allows adding cover images to audio files. The app also helps in rotating videos, converting them into various formats, compressing them, creating GIFs, removing background music from videos. It also gives you free access to all YouTube videos. One can get many things done with this app by using its either versions i.e. the mobile version or the PC version.

Is this a paid app?

This is a totally free app and has all of the features and more that those other so-called premium apps that charge you a heavy fee for. So, there is actually no other app in this category that can beat it.

Into what all formats can this app convert videos?

This is app can convert your videos into various formats such as AVI, MP4 and MOV.

Will converting videos through this app result in loss of quality?

By converting videos through this app, there will be no loss in quality whatsoever.

Can videos be downloaded through this app?

Videomate app gives you the option to download videos from various different sources including YouTube.

From what all categories can I watch videos on this app?

This app provides videos from a huge range of different categories such as entertainment, technology, information, reviews, sports, news etc. so that the users are able to find whatever they look for.

Will the conversionof videos through this app result in loss of audio quality?

There will be no loss in audio quality on converting videos through this app.

What all platforms is this app compatible with?

This app is currently compatible with Android and Windows operating systems.

Is the app safe to use?

The app is completely safe and is protected from any kinds of cyber-attacks or malware due to the superior level of security that it is complied with.

Is this app available in my country?

Videomate app is available in various countries across the world such as India, Russia, Japan, China, Southeast Asia and Brazil.

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