What Type of Background Verification Do You Need to Consider For The Ultimate Benefit?

By on August 13, 2019

Before you give your property to someone, or you make anyone a part of your company, would you not like to recheck them before giving?

Or you make any random people a part of your growth?

Unless you have trust on that person you should never hand over any responsibility.

And it’s not that you are wrong.

There are proven facts that without conducting proper screening services people face major problems later in their life.

There are Employment screening services in Thailand who can help you with these.

Whether you are the owner of a major company or owner of a property, being caught up with so many activities you are unable to find time to conduct screening by yourself.

No worries, there are services to help you.

So, what are the type of screening you should consider?

There are different types of screening services such as pre-employment screening, post-employment screening, Tenant screening.

Let’s get into the details.

pre-employment Background Check:

Pre-employment checks are being conducted by many screening services. it is a primary procedure to ensure risk management. It has proved its necessity by providing proper employees for the company.

This step plays a major role to avoid problems with the candidates at a later stage.

Reputed and established companies do not hesitate to spend money on this process as having a proper employee is an asset for the company itself. It includes a process like medical test, drug test, criminal history check, etc.

Post-employment Background Check:

Post-employment screening helps to reduce the company’s risk. An employee should go through a pre-employment background check before joining the company.

But how can you ensure that during the serving period the employee won’t commit any crime?

So, the company assigned a third party to conduct the post-employment screening test.

It maintains a more secure and safe working atmosphere.

Tenant Screening

It is used by residential landlords or property managers to check their potential tenants. Background check on tenants has become a must do thing as it includes a lot of major risks.

If you are not conducting proper verification before giving your property on rent, you are inviting inevitable danger.

Most of the landlords rely on this tenant report as it bears a symbol of safety.


Whether you want stable growth for your company or you are finding tenants then you know how important it is to conduct the background screening.

A good employee can add benefit to your progress. Whereas a corrupted one can violate the entire work atmosphere impacting the company’s growth. So, while choosing your employee make sure you pick the one who really deserves. There are third-party organizations in Thailand who have specialized people to conduct employment screening services in Thailand.

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