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By on January 16, 2018

In IT sector software testing is an advanced and growing field that opens the door of career for many young candidates. It provides many different career scopes for candidates and the wide range of opportunities. Many candidates jump towards making their career in Testing because of huge scope in IT sector. It offers Software Testing jobs opportunities to both fresher and experienced candidates with high salary package. You can easily achieve great success after some years of experience.

Software testing is a process of testing the software program to meet the user requirement. It is a process of finding bug and errors or to check the proper functioning of any system. In this process there are a number of different tools are used. To select the best tool is a most difficult task for testing your program.

Here I will discuss some advanced tools that may help you.

  • QA Complete: It is a functional automated testing tool which is developed by Smart Bear Software. This Tool allows linking automated tests to detects, requirements and tasks. It has many different features like SSL and single sign on for Enhanced security, Determine test coverage and ensured test exists for all requirements, Set and monitor the Service level Agreements.
  • qTest: It is a test management software used by many small or big organizations for testing their system. It helps to create a centralized test management system for easy communication and rapid deployment of the tasks to QA teams and developers. It supports the features such as Real-time integrate with Jira, Solid reporting, and analytics, Exploratory and session based testing.
  • TestingWhiz: It is an automation tool with the code-less scripting. It is a codeless architecture that lets you build test cases effortlessly without involving much programming and coding skills. It supports automated database, regression testing and distributes test execution with Whiz Grid.
  • Sahi: It is a business ready tool for automated testing of web, Java applications and windows desktop. It is the best choice among all the automation tools and used by medium-sized or large industries. Sahi enabling rapid automation and maintenance with easy integration with the build system. It consist powerful set of API, easily scriptable via JavaScript and java and inbuilt framework.
  • Tosca Testsuite: Tosca Testsuite by Tricentis uses model-based test automation to automate software testing. With it, you can plan and design your test case, test mobile apps, integration management, integration management etc.

It avoids the maintenance trap and focuses on business testing needs.

These are top 5 most used testing tools that are used by millions of developers. Other than all these, There must be many other automated software testing tools available in the software testing industry like Telerik TestStudio, WatiN, Watir, Webload, Selenium etc. are some other software’s that helps a lot in testing. Try and use this software’s to get an ease in testing the different programs. All are good at their end just select the best one for you.

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